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RichBoost Energy

Words alone will not do it justice... You have to taste it.

Inspired by our passion for
life and performance.

this is our challenge, our guiding ambition, our legacy.

Formulated To Help You reach
Higher And Further Than Ever.

Let RichBoost Energy take you there.

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Grab Life By The Can

The Most Refreshing Energy Drink On Earth.

One RichBoost™, One goal:
Breaking Boundaries

We learn from top athletes, we utilise the latest technologies and we work hard to always achieve the very best reach so that you can go higher, further than ever before. Let RichBoost™ Energy take you there.

More Vitality
B Group Vitamins | Ginseng Extracts | Unique Formula

RichBoost™ Energy contains extracts of Ginsengroot, the cream of the crop when it comesto tackling fatigue.

More Energy
Great Taste | Rich In Energy

RichBoost™ Energy empowers you to achieve the very best you can. Go higher and further than ever before.

More Control
Mental Focus | More Performance

RichBoost™ Energy will activate your hidden focus and love for the work you do with more control and focus at work.

Great Taste
Quality Ingredients | Special Formula

RichBoost Energy delivers more than just perfomance, but exceeds with great taste like no other energy drink.




B Group Vitmains


Percentage of Recycleable Cans


Percentage of Taurine

Inspired by our passion for life, sports and performance, with dedication, commitment and team spirit


Achieve the very best so that you can. Go higher and further than ever before and let RichBoost™ Energy be the catalyst.


RichBoost was developed with for one purpose, to give you the push you need to conquer your goals and accept every challenge.


What Is In
RichBoost Energy

RichBoost Energy Drink is a refreshing performance beverage, containing the following high quality ingredients

Ginseng Extracts

Ginseng Stimulates virility, increases energy, reduces fatigue sensation, improves reflex and physical endurance.

Guarana Extracts

Guarana is known for its powerful effect of increased vigilance and reduced fatigue.

B Group

Vitamins are essential micronutrients that are required for maintaining normal body functions.


Caffeine's action in the body is its stimulating effect helping to improve concentration and increase alertness.

Natural Fruit Concentrate

Great-tasting energy drink powered by combined serving of natural ingredients and fruit.

Pure & Filtered

The water used for RichBoost Energy is fresh filtered water of highest quality and standard.

Two words, tastes good. For an energy drink its quite different. Apart from the great taste, i feel
rejuvinated and energetic.
Awesome Drink!

Paul Geddes - Twitter Feed

I cannot believe this drink hasnt gone globally yet....
picked it up while filling up
It taste so freakin amazing

Real Bush - Facebook Feed

Go Right Ahead and
Grab Life By The Can

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